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Nordic/Swedish/KTH Championships in Programming 2020

The NCPC will be on November 7 this year, and takes place simultaneously at a number of nordic universities, including KTH.

It is suitable both for those who wish to try a programming contest for the first time and for those who have competed before and wish to compete internationally. Afterwards we have a debriefing where we explaining the solutions and reveal the results.

Schedule for the contest

You may compete from anywhere. KTH will host a casual space to participate from for those who wish to show up in person. We will be in Orange, which can be found in E building, floor 4. There is very limited space so please contact Joseph if you plan to show up in person.
10.30: Meet in Orange
11.00: Contest starts!
16.00: Contest ends!
16.15: Discuss solutions in Orange

How does the contest work?

You compete in teams of up to three members. At the start of the contest you get a set of problems (2019 had 12 problems). Over five hours you try to solve as many of the problems as possible. Each problem is solved by writing a program adhering to a given specification. The program is sent to a judging system which runs it against a series of test cases in order to verify that it produces correct results and is sufficiently efficient. The team solving the maximum number of problems wins and, if several teams solve the same number of problems, the team using the least total time wins.

2020 is a special year, so the rules are a little different. The contest is online and your three members don't need to be in the same place. Your team may use as many computers as they want and all code at the same time. You can use prewritten code and whatever software is available to you. You may use books or search for answers on Google. However, you still may NOT communicate with anyone other than your team and the contest organizers.

You can read more detailed rules at the NCPC web page.


Registration is open. The registration deadline is November 4.

If you're so excited for the contest that you want to do it twice, you're in luck! There will be a warmup contest on Saturday October 31, 11-16 CET.

Technical info

If you compete from KTH you must bring your own laptop and wifi. If you have a KTH login you're welcome to use the machines in the computer labs, which have an internet connection. Otherwise you'll need to rely on eduroam or use your phone as a hotspot.

Who can compete at KTH?

The contest is open for everyone! You don't have to be a student or represent a university.

What do you win?

Eternal glory and unlimited bragging rights.

Local organizers

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