NWERC 2005


The NWERC Hockey League

hockey Welcome to the NWERC Hockey League 2005, the tournament that offers great honor and nice prizes to those who win, and loads of fun for all who participate.

In the NHL, your school gets to test its skills in both hockey and programming, by programming your very own hockey team in Java. Then, at NWERC, the team of your school will face off against the teams of other schools in a big tournament.

Participation in NHL is on a per school basis, rather than a per team basis. Only schools participating in NWERC may participate in NHL. Anyone from your school may help out, even people that are not actually coming to NWERC.

To get started, download the NHL package (as .tar.gz or .zip). It contains documentation about how to program your hockey team, and the Hockey Development Environment which you can use to test your teams against each other and a few sample teams. See the README.txt file in that package for further directions.

Final Results

Lund universities "LTH Torgils" won a close contest.

Team Games
Number of
LTH Torgils53/1/18-57
Queen Mary53/1/112-87
Blekinge Slayers52/2/18-36
Utrecht Underdogs53/0/216-96
Royal Institute of Technology51/2/29-104
Don't Panic50/0/50-180


In order to be guaranteed a place in the NHL, register by sending a mail to nwerc-hockey@nada.kth.se, no later than Wednesday October 26. If you register later than that, we do not guarantee that you will be allowed to participate, but will try our best to make it happen.

Your school may be allowed to participate with more than one team in the NHL. As with late registration, additional teams are admitted subject to availability. Also, your additional teams must be "sufficiently different" (that is, you can not submit the same team twice).


All your classes must belong to a package whose name should be the short name of your school.

Submit your teams by sending the source code via mail to nwerc-hockey@nada.kth.se, no later than Wednesday November 9. In the submission you should also include a list (and, optionally, a photo) of everyone that has participated in developing your team.

When you submit your teams we will test them to validate basic functionality, and get back to you if, for some reason, they don't work, giving you the opportunity to fix them.


We reserve the right to fix bugs and tweak the system, so you should not base your strategy on some bug in the current distribution. Please report any bugs you find to nwerc-hockey@nada.kth.se.

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