NWERC 2006


Northwestern European Programming Contest 2006

Welcome to NWERC, the Northwestern European Programming Contest, part of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest sponsored by IBM.

The contest takes place 17-19 November in Stockholm.

KTH NWERC 2006 takes place 17-19 November at KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Join us for a good time and compete for a place in the World Finals!

The competition is open to university student teams from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Northwestern Germany, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

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Please note

  • As in the World Finals, you will not be allowed to bring any books etc to the contest floor. The only exceptions are your Team Contest Reference and, if you need it, an English dictionary. Please see the rules for further details.

Last year

If you want to know about last year's contest, visit the NWERC 2005 webpage.

Next year

NWERC 2007 webpage.

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