Explanation of the scoring and scoreboard in ACM-ICPC contests

Rank Rank of the team, by:
  • Highest number of solved problems.
  • Least score within the same number of solved problems.
  • Fastest submission time for the latest correct submission, as a tie-breaker.
NameUniversity logo, country flag and team name.
SolvedNumber of solved problems.
Score Total score: The sum of the fastest solution time plus a penalty of 20 minutes per incorrect attempt for all solved problems. If a problem is not solved, the attempts do not give any penalty to the score.
A-Z Problems:
The problem is neither attempted nor solved.
3 There have been 3 attempts, but the problem remains unsolved.
4/122 The problem was solved on the fourth attempt after 122 minutes.
Total att/solvTotal submission attempts/number of solved problems
ChangeRecent change in ranking during the contest.