NWERC 2006


Technical Information

Note: The following information is preliminary.

Languages: compilers

  • C: gcc version 3.4.4
  • C++: g++ version 3.4.4
  • Java: Sun JDK version 1.5.0


Sun workstations, Solaris 10, with the Common Desktop Environment (CDE).

Keyboards have Swedish layout. We will provide commands to switch back and forth between Swedish and US layout in software (i.e., xmodmap). Teams will be allowed to create an xmodmap file during the test session which will then be available during the contest. We do not provide any support on creating xmodmap files.

You may bring your own keyboard, however, please note:

  • If you intend to bring a keyboard, you must inform the Technical Director by 10 November what type of keyboard you are bringing.
  • You will then turn in your keyboard at registration. We will connect it for you. You are not allowed to connect your keyboard (or anything else) to the computer yourself.
  • The keyboard must be a USB keyboard.
  • We will do what we can to make your keyboard work, but we cannot guarantee that it will.
  • We use Sun hardware, so chances are much better of things working if you bring a Sun Type 6 (USB) keyboard (but we still make no guarantees!).
  • If you bring a keyboard, you will probably also need to create an xmodmap file if you want the mapping from the keyboard keys to characters appearing on the screen to be correct.


The following editors will be available. If you want something else, ask the Technical Director as soon as possible. We do not provide any support on how to use or configure the editors. Editor configuration files created during the test session will not be available during the contest.

  • ed - the standard text editor
  • emacs 21.3/xemacs 21.1.14
  • vi/vim 6.3
  • Eclipse 3.2 will be available since it has been requested, but it is not supported. There are some bugs with automatic makefiles when using it for C/C++ development.
  • gedit 2.6.2 will be available since it has been requested, but it will not be supported.

Terminal emulators

  • xterm


  • gdb 6.2.1 will be available. Our experience is that it's not entirely stable, but we have yet to find a Solaris version that is.


The following documentation will be available in a web browser on your computer during the contest. If you want some other documentation, ask the Head Judge as soon as possible.

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