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Travel Information (being updated!!)

Travel There is lots of useful information at Wikitravel. Apart from practical information you can also find a lot of things to see and do. Check it out! You may find that you would like to extend your stay.

An interactive map can be found at kartor.eniro.se. In particular, you can get a map of the area around KTH.

Note that Sweden does not use the Euro. We still use the Swedish "krona" (SEK). Major credit cards like Mastercard and Visa are widely accepted. Money exchange offices can be found both at Stockholm Central station and at Arlanda Airport, among many other places.

To Stockholm — Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Getting to Stockholm by plane, train, or ship is covered at Wikitravel. We recommend Arlanda Express or the Airport buses to get to center city from Arlanda Airport. Note that you need a valid ISIC or one of the accepted Swedish student IDs to get a student discount.

Should you choose to go by taxi from the airport, make sure you pick a taxi company that has a fixed price from Arlanda to center city. A typical price is roughly 400 to 450 SEK. A taxi that uses a by-the-meter rate from Arlanda to center city will get much more expensive!

Plan your own route if you go by car. A lot of the smaller streets in Stockholm are one-way streets. This can be a bit frustrating if you are driving in Stockholm for the first time. The law mandates winter tires in november under snowy or icy conditions. We don't recommend driving for contestents from outside Sweden.

Public Transportation

For most visitors public transportation or walking is the way to get around in Stockholm. Public tranportation consists mainly of buses and subways (underground trains). See Wikitravel for more information about public transportation. If you buy tickets every time you ride it gets more expensive than if you buy a prepaid coupon strip or a travel pass for a limited time (Hotel reservations may include a weekend travel pass, see below). Stockholm recently switched to a unit price for local transportation. A ticket is good for one hour of travelling on comuter train, subway, or local bus. I.e., you may use the same ticket for several buses, trains etc provided it's less than an hour since the ticket was stamped. Show your ticket at the booth and state your destination to ensure that you have a valid ticket in case it is checked on the train (which happens sometimes but far from always). "Stockholms Central" (the main train station) is connected to "T-Centralen" which is the main subway station.

Getting to KTH

The School of Computer Science and Communication at KTH is located at the letters 'D' and 'E' on this map of KTH's Main Campus (pdf). Parking in the designated areas should be free on Saturday and Sunday.

Unless you have come by car or are within walking distance, you can get to KTH by subway or by bus. If you take the subway, take the red line bound for "Mörby Centrum" (assuming you're coming from the central parts of the city) to "Tekniska Högskolan" (It is red on the subway map — the trains are not red!!). Be aware that the red line forks at "Östermalmstorg", south of KTH. Look at the subway map (pdf). "Tekniska Högskolan" is the fifth stop from the North on line 14 (T14 on the map). If you go by bus to KTH, you should get off at "Östra station" (see the North-East quadrant of the inner city bus map (pdf)).

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