KTH Computer Vision Group

KTH Multiview Football Dataset II

This dataset consists of images of professional footballers during a match of the Allsvenskan league. It consists of two parts: one with ground truth pose in 2D and one with ground truth pose in both 2D and 3D.

The dataset may only be used for academic research.
The dataset may not be used for commercial purposes.

If you use the dataset please cite the paper:
Multi-view Body Part Recognition with Random Forests
V. Kazemi, M. Burenius, H. Azizpour, J. Sullivan.
In Proceedings of BMVC 2013.

3D Dataset

Player 1 - Sequence 1 (209MB)
Walking around.
Player 1 - Sequence 2 (205MB)
Scoring a goal.
Player 2 - Sequence 1 (241MB)
Running and stepping sideways.
Player 2 - Sequence 2 (251MB)
Sliding tackle.
The second sequence of each player is more challenging than the first.

Code showing how to read and visualize the data.

2D Dataset

FOOTBALL5907.zip (236MB)

For even more 2D annotations also see the KTH Multiview Football Dataset I.