List of accepted papers

"An Epsilon Approximation Algorithm for Weighted Shortest Paths on Polyhedral Surfaces"
by L. Aleksandrov, M. Lanthier, A. Maheshwari, J.-R. Sack.
"On the Number of Regular Vertices of the Union of Jordan Regions"
by Boris Aronov, Alon Efrat, Dan Halperin, Micha Sharir.
"Approximations for the General Block Distribution of a Matrix"
by Bengt Aspvall, Magnus M. Halldorsson, Fredrik Manne.
"Memory requirements for table computations in partial k-tree algorithms"
by Bengt Aspvall, Andrzej Proskurowski, Jan Arne Telle.
"Formal Language Constrained Path Problems"
by Chris Barrett, Riko Jacob, Madhav Marathe.
"Models and Motion Planning"
by Mark de Berg, Matthew Katz, Mark Overmars, A. Frank van der Stappen, Jules Vleugels.
"Facility Location with Dynamic Distance Functions"
by Randeep Bhatia, Sudipto Guha, Samir Khuller, Yoram J. Sussmann.
"Worst-Case Efficient External-Memory Priority Queues"
by G. Brodal, J Katajainen.
"Comparator Networks for Binary Heap Construction"
by Gerth S. Brodal, M. Cristina Pinotti.
"Two-variable Linear Programming in Parallel"
by Danny Z. Chen, Jinhui Xu.
"Speed is More Powerful than Clairvoyance"
by Chris Coulston, Piotr Berman.
"Minimal Elimination Ordering of Planar Graphs"
by Elias Dahlhaus.
"An Optimal Algorithm for computing visible nearest foreign neighbors among colored line segments"
by T. Graf, V. Kamakoti.
"Optimal Deterministic Protocols for Mobile Robots on a Grid"
by Roberto Grossi, Andrea Pietracaprina, Geppino Pucci.
"Local Search Algorithms for SAT: Worst-Case Analysis"
by Edward A. Hirsch.
"Moving an Angle around a Region"
by Frank Hoffmann, Christian Icking, Rolf Klein, Klaus Kriegel.
"An approximation scheme for bin packing with conflicts"
by Klaus Jansen.
"Simple Confluently Persistent Catenable Lists."
by Haim Kaplan, Chris Okasaki, Robert E. Tarjan.
"Constrained Square Center Problems"
by Matthew J. Katz, Klara Kedem, Michael Segal.
"Determinant: Old Algorithms, New Insights"
by Meena Mahajan, V Vinay.
"Concurrent Multicast in Weighted Networks"
by G. De Marco, L. Gargano, U. Vaccaro.
"Improved Upper Bounds for time-space tradeoffs for selection with limited storage"
by Sarnath Ramnath, Venkatesh Raman.
"Randomized Online Multi-threaded Paging"
by Steve Seiden.
"Distribution-sensitive algorithms"
by Sandeep Sen , Neelima Gupta.
"Solving Fundamental Problems on Sparse Meshes"
by Jop F. Sibeyn.
"Output-Sensitive Cell Enumeration in Hyperplane Arrangements"
by Nora Sleumer.
"Probabilistic data structures for Priority Queues"
by R. Sridhar, K. Rajasekar, C. Pandu Rangan.
"Fast and efficient computation of additively weighted Voronoi cells for applications in molecular biology"
by Hans-Martin Will.

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