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Graphs and Decomposability


Ph.D. students

Short description

Most combinatorial computations on graphs are difficult. If one restricts the type of graphs under consideration, some of these problems admit fast algorithms. For any fixed k, graphs of tree-width at most k (or partial k-trees) is one family of graphs on which most combinatorial optimization problems admit fast algorithms. We have given very general conditions that ensure the existence of linear time solution algorithms for computational problems on partial k-trees. We have also studied the tree-decomposition problem, and developed methods that for many classes of graphs give explicit bounds on the size of obstructions. We developed prototype software for translating logic statements of computational problems to automata solving them for decomposed graphs, and applied the method for AI reasoning. A current project involves generalized decompositions related to modular decomposition, clique-width and NLC-width.


The project has been funded 1993-1997 by TFR.

Selected publications

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