Veronika Jeppsson and Lidija Murselovic

From visualization of energy consumption to behavior change?


We live in a society where the environment is getting more attention every day, while the technology is evolving and requires more of the natural resources. A lot of the technology that is available on the market today is run by electricity, and the electricity consumption in households has increased in recent decades. With the growing interest in the environment among people, there are today a number of products on the market with the purpose to give households information about their electricity consumption.

With the help of 11 households in Sweden we have in this thesis examined how to visualize the consumption of electricity to improve the conditions for a behavior change, both among children and adults. The study consisted of a seven day long electricity diary, with subsequent interviews. It resulted in a design proposal for a product that visualizes the electricity consumption in a household.

The knowledge about electricity varies in different households, but one thing that they have in common is that they all want a summary of their consumption in an easy way. We estimate that our design proposal is a visualization that could change a behavior, but perhaps most importantly, bring a greater interest of a household’s environmental impact among its family members. However, one must have in mind that there are limits for how much one individual can do for the environment, somewhere the society has to take its responsibility.