Mikael Juntti och Richard Lilja

Lecture-based interactive screencasts


In order to repeat past lectures, today's only option, in most cases, are to read through old notes or PowerPoint slides published on the course website by the lecturer. We believe that with today's technology there are better ways to take advantage of the lectures, namely by documenting them in the form of screencasts, like many other universities around the world.

The purpose of this study is to examine the attitude of students and teachers at KTH towards a method that we have chosen to call "lecture-based interactive screencasts". The approach is to document live lectures in screencast format and then publish them on a web platform with support for interactivity, where students are able to index, comment and ask questions about the screencasts.

To do this, we've conducted a literature review, interviews with students and lecturers, a questionnaire, held a focus group, and developed a website prototype for publishing screencasts online.

Our study showed that a majority of the students felt a need for KTH to document lectures, in order to more easily be able to repeat old lectures and make up for missed ones. Most of the students also thought that a web platform could generate added value to the documented lectures. The study, however, also indicated a challenge to get students to share information through the platform.