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Introduction to the Philosophy of Science and Research Methodology, scimet12

Part I of DA2205 has 4 lectures. You have to attend 4 lectures (the first four) and complete 4 homeworks.

Part II is the philosophy unit's course AK2030, period 2. The first lecture of this part is on Monday October 22.


6th of November 2012

The final exam for AK2034 will take place on the 13th of December from 14:00 - 18:00.

3rd of October 2012

Here is the provisional AK2034 timetable for DA2205 students.

30th of September 2012

I have made a table which reflects my current record who has attended which lecture:
DA2205 Students

I didn't take an attendence list at the first e-mail so at the next lecture can you tell me if you were at the first lecture. I have also made a table which reflects my current record of which reading responses you have submitted:
DA2205 Students

21st of September 2012

Just to confirm DA2205 students just have to attend the first 4 lectures of the course. If you are not able to attend one of these lectures then you can come to one of the subsequent lectures in DD3001.

Aim of the course

  • Inform you about the research process --> help your burgeoning research career.

  • Review the Scientific Method and good research practices.

  • Raise your awareness that progress in research is very non-linear. And requires hard work and perseverance!

  • Review the development of computer science.