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DD2427 Image Based Recognition and Classification (6 points)

This course will be given in English. The latest course info: bik14.

Course leader: Josephine Sullivan

General description of the course

The course deals with methods for recognition and classification of image content such as written text, 3D objects or events. We will mainly study methods based on automatic learning from exemplars. We will study basic theory for this and algorithms based on real data. We will also give an overview of research in the field. A hand in excercise will deal with different methods for classification and a laboratory will produce an implementation of an algorithm for detecting faces in images.

Example of automatic detection of vehicles and faces


Basic courses in linear algebra and statistics. Knowledge about things such as vector, matrix, eigenvector, linear systems of equations, probability distributions, statistical parameters, expectation value, variance and correlation

Image processing and computer vision DD1422 is a good background but not necessary.

Course literature

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The course will be given in English in period 4 with Josephine Sullivan as lecturer.

Study Handbook text in Swedish och English.
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