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DD2442/DD3343 Seminars on Theoretical Computer Science, 7.5 ECTS Credits

This course will be given next time in the autumn of 2018, but most likely these webpages will no longer be used. Please see instead for more information.

This is an advanced course in theoretical computer science with varying content which is given every second year (alternating with DD2445 Complexity Theory). The MSc-level course has course code DD2442. There is also a PhD-level course code DD3343 for PhD students who want to take this course as part of their course credit requirements in the PhD program.

The general idea of the course is to cover some area of active research in theoretical computer science. Lectures are often based on research or survey papers in that area, and/or on lecture notes from other advanced courses, since the material might be so recent that there are no good textbooks yet.

In the autumn of 2016 the topic of the seminar course was proof complexity. Please see the webpage for the course for more information. The course is likely to be given next time in the autumn of 2018.

The examination on the course is usually by problem sets (handed out and solved in groups of two during 10-14 days) and sometimes also by scribing lecture notes in LaTeX (since writing something up properly is a very good way of learning the material, and since there might not exist any good textbooks or lecture notes).

To get more of a feeling for what the seminar course is usually like, you can also take a look at the webpages for previous offerings of the course.

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