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Research: Theory, Method, Practice - drtmp12

Aim of the course

  • Inform you about the research process --> help your burgeoning research career.

  • Review the Scientific Method and good research practices.

  • Raise your awareness that progress in research is very non-linear. And requires hard work and perseverance!

  • Acquaint you with basic strategies for your research career.
    • Identify important and solvable research topics, questions and hypotheses
    • Select between alternative research directions
    • Importance of communication via reading and writing papers.

  • Review the development of computer science.

  • News

    I have made a table which reflects my current record who has attended which lecture:
    DD3001 Students
    I didn't take an attendence list at the first e-mail so at the next lecture can you tell me if you were at the first lecture. I have also made a table which reflects my current record of which reading responses you have submitted:
    DD3001 Students