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Computer Graphics with Interaction (main page)

Computer Graphics with Interaction, dgi14


The DGI14 lectures can be downloaded from this page. Please see KTH Social for the official lecture schedule.

Date Topic Slides and Materials
24th March 08:00-10:00 B1 Lecture: Course Introduction Lecture Slides
26th March 13:00-15:00 D2 Lecture: Ray-tracing and Image Synthesis Lecture Slides
31st March 08:00-10:00 D2 Lecture: User studies and Projects
Project Presentations
Lecture Slides, Introduction to C++,
Character Animation - by V. Anirudh and M.S. Khan
Beyond Visuals - by M.R. Carretero
2nd April 13:00-15:00 D2 Lecture: Mathematics for Computer Graphics Lecture Slides
7th April 08:00-10:00 D2 Lecture: Lighting and Shading Lecture Slides
9th April 13:00-15:00 D2 Lecture: Global Illumination Lecture Slides
14th April 08:00-10:00 D2 Lecture: Rasterisation I Lecture Slides
22nd April 08:00-10:00 D2 Lecture: Rasterisation II Lecture Slides
23rd April 13:00-15:00 Viz Studio Guest lecture: Perception of Emotion Expressions from Virtual Characters, by Miguel Ramos Carretero
Project Checkpoint and Presentations
Virtual Character - by V. Anirudh and M.S. Khan
28th April 08:00-10:00 D2 Lecture: Animation
Lecture Slides
30th April 13:00-15:00 Viz Studio Guest lecture: Urban Modelling and Traffic Simulation in Stockholm using Game Engines, by Aram Azhari
Lecture: Scene Management
Lecture Slides
5th May 08:00-10:00 Viz Studio Guest lecture: The Demo Scene, by Carl Henrik Ek
7th May 13:00-15:00 D2 Guest lecture: Visualization, by Mario Romero
Project Checkpoint and Presentations

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