How to strip a kinect for Dora

This tutorial shows how to get rid of a Kinect from it's bulky packaging and base motors.
Do not do this if you plan to use the tilting motor on Kinect in the future.
We do not accept any responsibility for badly damaged or emotionally scarred Kinects.

1. First of all here are the tools needed for this tutorial

2. Place the kinect as such upside down. (don't listen to it no matter what it says, it's a trap)

3. Gently, strip down the bottom rubber as shown:

3.1 tadaa:

4. Now, strip away both air vents:

4.1 :

4.2 and the other one

5. Unscrew bottom screws:

5.1 the bottom comes off nicely

6. Unscrew bottom screws:

6.1 the bottom comes off nicely

7. Unscrew some more 4 screws from the metal disc:

7.1 Detach the cable

8. Now take off the screws that were lying under the air vents:

9. Take off the plastic bottom and back parts, and the sides:

10. Take off the internal screw to dislodge the bottom part:

11. Now the irreversible part, in order to free the cable from the ball joint we need to destroy some bits:

La Fin