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									Cano I am a doctoral candidate in computer science at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.


PeerSoN: Privacy-Preserving P2P Social Networks

Research interests

  • Large-Scale Networks and Graph Modeling in Social Networks
  • Social Network Analytics and Data Science
  • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies and Computer Security

New job... but still here!

Just started working at Bonnier Broadcasting in Stockholm, Sweden, as Data Scientist and AI Engineer. Hopefully I can contribute to make (smart) data analytics more privacy-preserving in the business of media! more privacy-preserving in the business of media!

Summer sabattical leave

This past summer I had the great opportunity to be on a research assignment in collaboration with Shantanu Rane at Palo Alto Research Center in Palo Alto, California (United States of America).

Let's talk!

I had the great honor of giving a talk on security and privacy at Picnic Code 2016 organized at my Spanish alma mater, University of Valladolid, by my fellow mates of Grupo Universitario de Informática.


Following the trend of some folk, here comes my anti-resumé.
Success does not come at first (normally). It is (usually) an iterative learning process. This is my contribution to it.


The following is the list of publications that I have authored and co-authored (some of them not necessarily peer-reviewed :)
Works in progress are not listed. Though you are welcome to e-mail me if you would like to collaborate with me.

Refereed conference proceedings

Design of a Privacy-preserving Document Submission and Grading System.
B. Greschbach, G. Rodríguez-Cano, S. Buchegger and T. Ericsson.
Short Paper. Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems (NordSec), 2015.

Event Invitations in Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Online Social Networks: Formalization and Protocol Design.
G. Rodríguez-Cano, B. Greschbach and S. Buchegger.
Full paper. IFIP 2014 Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management for the Future Internet in the Age of Globalisation, 2015.
Best Paper Student Award.

Event Invitations in Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Online Social Networks: Formalization and Protocol Design.
G. Rodríguez-Cano, B. Greschbach and S. Buchegger.
Poster Paper. Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems (NordSec), 2014.

Passwords in Peer-to-Peer.
G. Kreitz, O. Bodriagov, B. Greschbach, G. Rodríguez-Cano and S. Buchegger.
Full Paper. IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing (P2P), 2012.

Software Interoperability and Friendly Interfaces for Assessing Interventions in Cultural Heritage Domains.
P. Cadenas, J. García-Tomillo, G. Rodríguez-Cano and J. Finat.
Full Paper. ISPRS International Workshop on Pervasive Web Mapping, Geoprocessing and Services (WebMGS), 2010.

Refereed chapters in journals and books

Future Technologies for Protests in the Information Age.
D. Bosk, G. Rodríguez-Cano, B. Greschbach and S. Buchegger.
Book Chapter. Routledge, 2017 (to appear in April 29th, 2018).

Feature Diagram Formalization Based on Directed Hypergraphs.
M. A. Laguna, J. M. Marqués and G. Rodríguez-Cano.
Full Paper. Computer Science and Information Systems (ComSIS), 2011.

Technical reports and others

Toward Privacy-Preserving Decentralised Systems.
G. Rodríguez-Cano.
Licentiate thesis. KTH Royal Institute of Technology, May, 2017.

Automating the trust of society: a new future for the blockchain.
G. Rodríguez-Cano.
Article. Capital Magazine (KTH Finance Society), February, 2017.

Configuration of Hyper-Graph based Feature Diagrams.
G. Rodríguez-Cano.
Master thesis. Department of Computer Science (Uppsala University), 2010.

Líneas de productos y modelos de caracterí­sticas: Un caso de estudio en el asociacionismo (Software Product Lines and Feature models: A Case Study in the Associationism Phenomenon).
G. Rodríguez-Cano.
Bachelor thesis. Department of Computer Science (University of Valladolid), 2008. (10 pages summary in English available upon request).
Grade with Honors.


Invited talks

La privacidad ha muerto, ¡larga vida a la privacidad! (Privacy is dead, long live privacy!).
G. Rodríguez-Cano.
Invited talk. Picnic Code, 2016.

Building Blocks for Privacy-Preserving Decentralized OSNs.
D. Bosk, S. Buchegger, B. Greschbach and G. Rodrí­guez-Cano.
Refereed invited talk. I Scientific Meeting ACES, 2015.


My second most important and exciting duty after research is transferring knowledge and helping fellow students deeply understand the topics I am passionate about.
If you are an student looking for help for any of these courses, otherwise I guess I cannot be of much help... but you never know :), please read the course's webpage. In any case, you are encouraged and always welcome to send me an e-mail.
The following should be an accurate list of the courses I am currently, or have been, involved.

Algorithms and Complexity (Algoritmer och komplexitet) / DD2352

Spring term (VT). 2013-2016.

Computer Security (Datasäkerhet) / DD2395

Fall term (HT). 2011-2015.

Internetworking - Protocols and Principles of the Internet (Internetworking - Internets protokoll och principer) / EP2120 - IK2218

Fall term (HT). 2012-2014.

Software Reliability (Programvarutillfärlitlighet) / DD2459

Spring term (VT). 2013-2014

Introduction to Software Engineering (Mjukvarukonstruktion) / DD1392

Spring term (VT). 2014


Community service

Scientific reviewing

Conference organizing


Academic committees

  • Doctoral representative of the Employment Committee at the School of Computer Science and Communication (Doktorandrepresentant i Tjänstefärslagsnämn.
    May, 2014 - February, 2015.


Assessment committees

Not so professional...

Some facts of... interest?

Happily born and proudly grown in Valladolid, Spain.
Computer scientist and creative engineer.
Ambitious entrepreneur and intellectual strategist.
Fond of Scandinavia, and in love with the enchanting beauty of the capital of Sweden: Stockholm.
Digital photographer and oil painter.
Enthusiast rider and amateur swimmer.
Aesthetics practitioner and Mediterranean diet advocate.
Motto: "If something is important enough, you should try, even if the probable outcome is failure" by Elon Musk.

In short

Project of human being, under a continuous process of development... and self-innovation!

Get in touch

You are more than welcome to drop by the office any time.
I have an 'open door' policy.

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