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Scribing Schedule and Instructions for DD3501 Current Research in Proof Complexity

General Instructions

Instructions and template files have been e-mailed to the scribes after each lecture. Since this seems to have been working mostly fine, we never got around to posting general instructions or template files on this webpage.

Scribing Schedule for Period 2

Oct 24:Jakob Nordström
Oct 27:Joel Mickelin Sätherblom
Oct 31:Sangxia Huang
Nov 3:Léo Perrin
Nov 14:Lukáš Poláček
Nov 28:Björn Terelius
Dec 1:Mateus De Oliveira Oliveira
Dec 5:Emma Enström
Dec 12:Carl Björkman
Dec 15:Musard Balliu
Dec 19:Karl Palmskog

Scribing Schedule for Period 3

Jan 17:Oliver Schwarz
Jan 18:Léo Perrin
Jan 24:Emma Enström
Jan 25:Lukáš Poláček
Jan 31:Sangxia Huang
Feb 7:Carl Björkman
Feb 8:Mateus De Oliveira Oliveira
Feb 13:Björn Terelius
Feb 14:Musard Balliu
Feb 21:Karl Palmskog
Feb 22:Oliver Schwarz

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