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Lars Brynielsson (#1612) 1998

My father Eric Brynielsson wrote his story in 1977. He introduced the numbering system, starting with his grandparents Anders Brynielsson as no 1 and Kristina Olsson (Olofsdotter) as no 1A. They got 8 children numbered in chronological order from 11,12, etc up to 18.

My father was the oldest child of no 16, my grandparents Anders Georg Brynielsson and no 16A Gurli Swartz. My father got the number 161. As I am the second son of my father, I have got the number 1612. My oldest son Joel has the number 16121 and my second son Emil has 16122.

When my father wrote his story and introduced the numbering system, it was far away from my favourite hobbies so I gave it very little attention. When Bill Johnson from USA visited me in 1995 and showed his enthusiasm for my fathersí work, I slightly started to look at it. Now 18 years after my fathers death, I have become more interested of my roots, I am glad that he took his time to document his own studies and I would be glad to see it survive and being further developed.

Stockholm, 1998-10-11
Lars Brynielsson

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