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Relatives gathered on Ă–land in 1938 to celebrate Anna Kristina (1A).
Above: David Brynielsson (143), Rut Brynielsson married Berglund (145), Annie Olsson (111), Gurli Brynielsson (146), neighbor woman, Ida Brynielsson born Johansson (14A), Anna Brynielsson (142), Ingegerd Brynielsson (148), Paul Brynielsson (147), John Olsson (112), Signe Olsson (115), Augusta Olsson born Brynielsson (11), neighbor man, Myrtle Olsson born Oliver (112A), Stina Olsson (116), Rut Olsson (114A), Alfred Brynielsson (14), Anna Andersson (15A), Helge Olsson (114), neighbor man
Below: farm boy, Georg Brynielsson (16), Anna Kristina Olofsdotter (1A), Frida Brynielsson (18), Adolf Andersson (15), Maj Brynielsson (161A), Eric Brynielsson (161)

(The three neighbors belong to the Petersson family.)

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