Olof Runborg

Professor in Numerical Analysis

Email: olofr@kth.se
Phone: 08 - 790 69 10,
Snail mail: NA, Matematiska Institutionen, KTH, 100 44 Stockholm
Office: no 3529, level 5, Lindstedtsvägen 25


MSc Electrical Engineering, KTH, Stockholm ('92). BSc Economics & Business Administration, SSE, Stockholm ('94). PhD Numerical Analysis/Applied Math, KTH, Stockholm ('98). Postdoc, Paris VI, ('99). Postdoc, Princeton University, PACM, ('00-'01). Docent, NADA, KTH, ('03). Professor, KTH, ('10).


My research centers on the numerical treatment of partial differential equations, in particular wave propagation problems. Some favorite topics are: high-frequency waves, multiscale phenomena, (numerical) homogenization, uncertainty quantification, multiresolution analysis, Gaussian beams, subdivision and mesh generation. One recurring numerical research theme is how to couple methods or reformulate equations so that problems which are very expensive to solve with standard, direct, numerical methods can be solved much faster with the same accuracy,


A list of selected publications.



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