Just a hobby of course, but sometimes it can take hours to apply a perspective, correct the framing or refine the colors to get a perfect result. Here are a few of my shots.

Snow fall over a frozen lake Thin ray of light between trees Gothic arch cemented between a door and a window Glimmering empty street in the middle of the night Concrete bridge on red brick pile over blue sky Sand-like snow beach under oblique light Narrow path under blizzard leading to a distant church Trees shot upside-down KTH under red dusk light and a rainbow

Video editing

This 2011 video is the result of a group project for the Interaction Design course.
Assassination Game Application
This 2009 French short movie was done to promote the Computer Science student association, Ginfo, at the annual associations fair. The cutting and computer graphics sequence took me 3 months to achieve as a satisfying result, though now I see a few flaws that cannot be fixed anymore.
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