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Bachelor program in Simulation technology and virtual design (SIMTEK)

In August 2012 a Bachelor program in simulation technology and virtual design is given for the first time. The program is given in Swedish. Information about the program and the courses given within the program can be found here.

Erasmus Mundus programme Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering (COSSE)

The NA group is coordinator the Erasmus Mundus (EM) COSSE program. The EM program is given jointly by
Program and courses descriptions are found here.

Masters Program in Scientific Computing

The NA group gives since 1997 a masters program directed to students from all over the world. The program provides a deep and detailed knowledge of Scientific Computing for solving major problems arising in industrial applications and in science/engineering.
From autumn 2010 this master program will be given to KTH-students within the Swedish Civilingenjörsutbildning

Specializations within the Master Program

M.Sc. specializations given by the NA group.

Courses given the academic year 2011/2012

The list of courses given in English this year can be found here.

En lista på NA-gruppens svenska och engelska kurser finns här.
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