Dynamiskt Krigsspel för Experiment (DKE)

DKE is a wargame based on GECCO, it is a Swedish acronym that translates to Dynamic Wargame for Experiments. DKE was developed at the Swedish National Defence Collage (SNDC) to perform experiments in the area of dynamic decision making. Until today (November 2004) three experiments have been conducted with different versions of DKE. From the players point of view the versions differ mostly in terms of the scenario and in the pace of the game.


This was the first version of the game, it has menus and information in Swedish only. The instructions (in Swedish) that were used at the experiment is available here.

DKE1 downloads
Instructions in Swedish (566 kb).
Click here to see a movie (17.2 Mb).
Screenshots are available at the Screenshots page.


This is the latest version of DKE. It is a translated version of the game that was used for a experiment. A non-complete users guide (more of a quick start guide) is available here, and this is the place to download from.

DKE3 downloads
DKE3 Quick start guide
Screenshots are available at the Screenshots page.


Jan Kuylenstierna, Joacim Rydmark and Hans Sandström. Some research results obtained with DKE: A dynamic war-game for experiments. In Proceedings of the Ninth International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium (ICCRTS), Copenhagen, Denmark, September 14–16, 2004.
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