You can no longer reach all people in the development team by sending an e-mail to the GECCO project e-mail alias. Please send an e-mail to instead.

People actively supporting GECCO as of December 2003

The project founders, see below, are still present at NADA and supports the GECCO project, although no active further development is being made. Joel Brynielsson maintains these web pages on an irregular basis. He also tries to keep track of further developments that is being performed by other parties in the hope of keeping GECCO generic with a common goal.

The main contribution during the last year has been performed in the DKE project by Hans Sandström and his colleagues at the Swedish National Defence College. Hans is working as a full time programmer and researcher developing a special version of GECCO, called DKE, that is being used for research in a behavioural science project. DKE is stored as a branch within the main GECCO CVS repository.

The students that originally implemented GECCO, see below, have now graduated with a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering. They are, however, still interested in the project and answers questions on an irregular basis.

We have heard rumors about several other users. Hopefully we will be able to add new and better scenarios to the GECCO distribution later on.

Project founders

The GECCO project was initiated in the beginning of 2001 by Joel Brynielsson and Klas Wallenius at the Decision Support Group at TCS / NADA.

The original project group

GECCO was originally developed in a student project, by the following people:
Henrik Bäärnhielm
Server, Fire fighting scenario, Server system documentation.
Andreas Enblom
Project coordinator, Client, User's manual.
Jing Fu Zi
Client, Öresund scenario.
Niklas Hallenfur
Communication, Communication system documentation.
Karl Hasselström
Server, Developer's manual. Subsequently employed by NADA during the summer 2001 to continue development.
Henrik Hägerström
Project coordinator, Server, Developer's manual.
Oskar Linde
Client, World War II scenario.
Jon Åslund
Communication, Communication system documentation, Webmaster.

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