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Laboratory work in algokomp10

The SU students are required to do two laboratory assignments. For KTH students the lab assignments are optional. However, anyone is welcome to do them. Each lab assignment consists of a set of theory excercises and a programming assignment. They will give give one bonus credit each to the written exam. Thus you can get up to 4 bonus credits.

Here are the lab assignments:

Lab 1 in Swedish and English.

Lab 2 in Swedish and English.

Viggo Kann is responsible for the labs in the course.


Week Date Time Place Activity Topic
459/118-10Grå+KarmosinLab 1Reporting of theory problems. Help session.
4616/1115-17Brun+GrönLab 1Lab reporting
4723/118-10Spel+SportLab 2Reporting of theory problems. Help session.
4830/118-10Spel+SportLab 2Lab reporting.
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