Department of
Numerical Analysis
and Computer Science


My current teaching responsibilities include:
DD2404/DA7021 Applied Bioinformatics
Introductory and practical programming for bioinformatics. We discuss a scripting language and relational databases with SQL.
FK4026 at Stockholm university, the introductory programming part.
Introductory programming in Python.

Previous teaching

DD2450 Algorithmic Bioinformatics
Discussing important methodologies and their application in Bioinformatics.
DD2396 Bioinformatik
This course appeared twice a year, in English in Nov/Dec and in Swedish in Jan/Feb, but is now cancelled.
DD1361 Programmeringsparadigm
This course introduces functional, logic, and imperative programming to (mostly) second year students in the CS program. The languages we cover are mainly Haskell and Prolog, but an introduction to C is given too. The course is still running, but I don't have the time to teach in this fun course.

Emacs advice

Do you program? Do you program in Emacs? If not, please reconsider. Swedish readers might find some old emacs advice helpful and inspiring.
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Updated 2016-12-12