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Johan Jansson is an Assistant Professor in Scientific Computing at KTH and leads the CFD research line at BCAM – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics. His areas of expertise include automated computational mathematical modelling based on adaptive finite element methods: mathematical methods, algorithms and massively parallel software implementations with applications in computational mechanics, realized in FEniCS/FEniCS-HPC which he was part of starting. Based on high-profile national and international funding for research projects (Severo Ochoa, EU H2020, ELKARTEK, PRACE, etc.) he has been able to build up a large joint research environment between KTH-BCAM and attract both post-docs and PhD students from top institutions in the field: Stanford, Politecnico di Milano, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Ecole Polytechnique and Texas A&M.

A particular focus in the Unicorn component of FEniCS-HPC is on turbulent flow and fluid-structure interaction, and applications in aerodynamics and biomechanics.


Daniel Castanon Quiroz (Post doc)
Margarida Moragues Ginard (Post doc)
Cem Degirmenci (Post doc)
Rahul Kumar (Post doc)
Van Dang Nguyen (PhD student)
Massimiliano Leoni (PhD student)
Ezhilmathi Krishnasamy (PhD student)
Jeannette Spũhler (PhD student)

close collaborators

Johan Hoffman
Niclas Jansson
Frida Svelander
Laura Saavedra
Miquel Aguirre
Vincenzo Nava


contact address

Johan Jansson
100 44 Stockholm

E-Mail: jjan@kth.se
Telephone (work): +46 (0)8 790 6417

I’m located at room 1517 in the computer science building at Lindstedstvägen 5.


Check out the music of my lovely and talented wife Elin: Unos Visor 


Simulation images have been created by: Johan Jansson. Heart logo and simulation by: Jonas Thorén, Jeannette Spũhler, Johan Jansson and PHILIPS.