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Human Language Technology group

The Human Language Technology group at KTH CSC and DSV, Stockholm University, jointly develop efficient and resource lean NLP methods, especially for Swedish, but also for English and other languages. The methods should be evaluable, preferably automatically. We then develop useful nature language processing resources and tools using these methods.

Senior researchers Senior graduate students
Viggo Kann, professor
Jussi Karlgren, adjunct professor  
Hercules Dalianis, professor  
Tessy Cerratto Pargman, associate professor (docent)
Johan Boye, associate professor (docent)
Martin Duneld (Hassel), Ph D  
Ola Knutsson, Ph D  
Eriks Sneiders, Ph D
Jonas Sjöbergh, Ph D  
Johnny Bigert, Ph D  
Rickard Domeij, Ph D  
Magnus Rosell, Ph D  
Sumithra Velupillai, Ph D  
Maria Skeppstedt, Ph D  
Jana Götze, Ph D  

Graduate students Affiliated
Roelof Pieters  
Aron Henriksson Adam Blomberg
Johan Carlberger Nima Mazdak
  Stefan Westlund
  Erik Åström

The research areas

The Human Language Technology (HLT) group at NADA performs research within all aspects of human language and computers. Here follows a description of each area:


We have a list of open exjobb (student degree projects).






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Updated 2016-07-24