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Computer Security - Datasäkerhet, dasakh11

News: results for the June 13 exam are in RAPP.

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Course Literature

William Stallings and Lawrie Brown, Computer Security: Principles and Practice,e.g., ISBN-10: 0136004245, ISBN-13: 9780136004240, ISBN-13: 9780135137116, ISBN-10: 013513711X Prentice Hall.

Further reading, free online -- Ross Anderson, Security Engineering.



Updated to include period 3, here.

Extra Lectures

for students who have not taken courses in the following topics (extra lectures are termed OVN in the schema, given in English on request in class)
  • Computer architectures: Torbjörn Granlund, Wed Oct 26, 15:00-17:00, E3
  • Operating systems: Alexander Baltatzis, Thu Oct 27,10:00-12:00, Q2
  • Computer networking: Olof Hagsand, Tue Nov 1, 13:00-15:00, Q2, slides.


    Slides adapted from Lawrie Brown's.
  • Oct. 25, Course administration and introduction to Computer Security [chapter 1], slides.
  • Oct. 26, Cryptography [2,20], slides. A stick figure guide to AES.
  • Oct. 31, Authentication [3], slides.
  • Nov. 01, Access Control [4], slides.
  • Nov. 07, Intrusion Detection [6], slides.
  • Nov. 10, Web Attacks, OWASP, TOP 10 attacks, slides.
  • Nov. 14, Malware [7], slides.
  • Nov. 17, Denial of Service [8], slides, Malware/DoS- related news roundup: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9]
  • Nov. 21, Firewalls [9], Models, Multi-Level Security [10], slides.
  • Nov. 24, Social Engineering, Human Factors [14], slides, more, examples.
  • Nov. 29, Buffer Overflows [11], slides.
  • Dec. 01, Audits [15]; guest lecture by Mårten Trolin , slides.
  • Dec. 05, Programming/Software Engineering [12], slides, more slides, to dig deeper: OWASP Secure Coding Practices quick reference guide, David Wheeler Secure Programming free online book.
  • Dec. 07, Recap, slides.

Guest Lectures

  • Web attacks, November 10
  • Security audits, December 1

Lab exercises, for Master's students in period 2

see sidebar "For Master's Students".

Lab exercises, for Bachelor's students in period 3

see sidebar "For Bachelor's Students".


Next exam on June 13, 2012, 9-12, D42, see schema for confirmation. No need to register, you can just come to the exam.

Exam results are in RAPP.

The point allocation has been changed as follows. If a grade was missed by half a point, the total was rounded up to the better grade. Bachelor's students got one point extra. Bonus points were taken into account for Master's students; Bachelor's bonus points will be taken into account for the overall course grade according to the exam point allocation. That means most can get one grade better by collecting up to 3 bonus points, depending on the point gap to the next grade. The exams are available at studentexpeditionen. If you took the exam but are not listed in RAPP for DD2395, send an e-mail to buc at asap. ' Old exams and solutions can be found on the overall DD2395 course page.
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