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We now have a final schedule: PDF, ICS

ATTENTION! The central KTH schedule incorrectly states that Lecture 15 takes place Wednesday 10 March. The last lecture takes place Thursday 11 March in Q33. Note that this is a slight change of lecture room from Q31 to Q33.

The deadline of Homework 2 has been extended.

Lecture Week Day Date Time Place Tentative Content
L1 3 Tue Jan 19 10:00-12:00 D34 Introduction and classical cryptography.
L2 3 Fri Jan 22 13:00-15:00 D41 Symmetric ciphers, perfect secrecy, entropy.
L3 4 Tue Jan 26 10:00-12:00 Q33 Substitution-permutation networks and linear cryptanalysis.
L4 4 Thu Jan 28 13:00-15:00 Q33 AES, Feistel Networks, and Luby-Rackoff.
L5 5 Tue Feb 2 10:00-12:00 V34 Luby-Rackoff, DES, Modes of Operations, DES-Variants
L6 5 Thu Feb 4 15:00-17:00 Q34 Elementary Number Theory, Public-Key Cryptography, RSA,
L7 5 Fri Feb 5 10:00-12:00 E2 RSA, Primality Testing
L8 7 Tue Feb 16 10:00-12:00 Q34 Textbook RSA and Semantic Security.
L9 7 Thu Feb 18 08:00-10:00 Q34 RSA in ROM, Rabin, Diffie-Hellman, El Gamal, Discrete Logarithms
L10 8 Tue Feb 23 13:00-15:00 Q33 Security Notions of Hashfunctions, Random Oracles, Iterated Constructions, SHA-1, Universal Hashfunctions.
L11 8 Thu Feb 25 13:00-15:00 Q34 Message Authentication Codes, Identification schemes, and signature schemes.
L12 9 Tue Mar 2 13:00-15:00 Q31 PKI and Elliptic curve cryptography.
DEADLINE 9 Tue Mar 2 13:00 Stud.exp. Homework 1
L13 9 Thu Mar 4 08:00-10:00 Q34 Guest lecture by Mats Näslund about cryptography in GSM/UMTS.
DEADLINE Mar 8 - Mar 19 Oral Presentation, Oral Exam
L14 10 Tue Mar 9 13:00-15:00 Q33 Pseudorandom generators.
L15 10 Thu Mar 11 10:00-12:00 Q33 (Verifiable) Secret Sharing and Joint Decryption
DEADLINE 11 Fre Mar 19 09:00 Stud.exp. Written Research Presentation
DEADLINE 12 Fre Mar 26 10:00 Stud.exp. Homework 2

Stud.exp. means "Studentexpeditionen", floor 2 in the E-house.

You will be able to book times for your oral presentation (and oral exam) here.

Lecture 13

This was a guest lecture by Mats Näslund from Ericsson Research. Mats Näslund is a Senior Specialist, Ericsson Research and Tekn Dr, NADA KTH 1998.

Title of Talk:
Cryptography in Mobile Networks

The GSM system is most likely the world's largest application for
mass-use of cryptography. There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions
about GSM security that I will try to explain. I will briefly discuss
the improvements made in the UMTS ("3G") system (made possible by more
liberal regulations/laws around use of "strong crypto"). The main part
of the talk will focus on the even more sophisticated cryptographic
mechanisms in the new LTE ("4G") system.

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