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Anders Lansner

Senior Professor at Stockholm University and affiliated professor at KTH/CSC.

Department of Computational Science and Technology (CST),
Computational Brain Science Lab

Email:<ala at kth dot se>
Phone: 08-790 62 10, fax: 08-790 09 30
Address: KTH/CSC/CB, S-100 44 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Visitors address: Lindstedsvägen 5, plan 4, room 4441
Student reception: On request


My special research fields are computational neuroscience and brain-like computing. I do project management, research, graduate education and supervision.

From Presentation AI and the Brain, IVA (Royal Acad Eng Sciences), Oct 25 2017 (First part of video is H Kitano)

From Den gömda koden/The hidden code interview by Swedish radio August 2017 (in Swedish)

From Fjärde uppgiften interview December 2016 (in Swedish)

From Crosstalks TV (April 23 2015)

Mysteriet det mänskliga minnet

My CNS2011 keynote presentation.

Article about SANS in Ny Teknik here (in Swedish).

SANS in 2 pages (in Swedish).

My CV.

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