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A Model of Handing Interaction Towards a Pedestrian

Chao Shi, Masahiro Shiomi, Christian Smith, Takayuki Kanda, Hiroshi Ishiguro


This video reports our research on developing a model for a robot handing flyers to pedestrians. The difficulty is that potential receivers are pedestrians who are not necessarily cooperative; thus, the robot needs to appropriately plan its motion making it is easy and non-obstructive for potential receivers to receive the flyers. In order to establish a model, we analyzed human interaction, and found that (1) a giver approaches a pedestrian from frontal right/left but not frontal center, and (2) he simultaneously stops his walking motion and arm-extending motion at the moment when he hands out the flyer. Using these findings, we established a model for a robot to perform natural proactive handing. The proposed model is implemented in a humanoid robot and is confirmed as effective in a field experiment.

Keywords: Human Robot Interaction, Hand-over, Public Interaction


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