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Model-free robot manipulation of doors and drawers by means of fixed-grasps.

Yiannis Karayiannidis, Christian Smith, Francisco Viña, Petter Ögren, and Danica Kragic


This paper addresses the problem of robot in- teraction with objects attached to the environment through joints such as doors or drawers. We propose a methodology that requires no prior knowledge of the objects' kinematics, including the type of joint - either prismatic or revolute. The method consists of a velocity controller which relies on force/torque measurements and estimation of the motion direc- tion, rotational axis and the distance from the center of rotation. The method is suitable for any velocity controlled manipulator with a force/torque sensor at the end-effector. The force/torque control regulates the applied forces and torques within given constraints, while the velocity controller ensures that the end- effector moves with a task-related desired tangential velocity. The paper also provides a proof that the estimates converge to the actual values. The method is evaluated in different scenarios typically met in a household environment.

Keywords: Door opening, manipulator control


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