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Design of force-driven online motion plans for door opening under uncertainties.

Yiannis Karayiannidis, Christian Smith, Francisco Viña, Petter Ögren, and Danica Kragic


The problem of door opening is fundamental for household robotic applications. Domestic environments are generally less structured than industrial environments and thus several types of uncertainties associated with the dynamics and kinematics of a door must be dealt with to achieve successful opening. This paper proposes a method that can open doors without prior knowledge of the door kinematics. The proposed method can be implemented on a velocity-controlled manipulator with force sensing capabilities at the end-effector. The velocity reference is designed by using feedback of force measurements while constraint and motion directions are updated online based on adaptive estimates of the position of the door hinge. The online estimator is appropriately designed in order to identify the unknown directions. The proposed scheme has theoretically guaranteed performance which is further demonstrated in experiments on a real robot. Experimental results additionally show the robustness of the proposed method under disturbances introduced by the motion of the mobile platform.

Keywords: Door opening, manipulator control


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