TT-Chess - The free live chess software

Please mail me if you are interested in any way in this projekt: (remove NOSPAM)

Along with the TT-Chess system we also have TT-View and TT-Ics check them out too!

Version 20031109 "Malmo" is out. It is still no use for non-coders, but its stable at least. Also complete new applet TT-View, and ICS (Internet Chess Server) client, TT-Ics is added as "proof of concept".

Added clock support, complete new fenhax. Relase codename "Malmo" will be out at the end of this week. For now, keep with this verison.

Big new release! Now it works in bus mode, that is, you may connect up to 12 boards to one com port. A working php example is included, or if you prefere, just the only table that is needed. javacomm included. All files GPL. See running example on this page. Or just download it! You may expect a new relase soon. TT-Chess will be used in the Swedish Elitserien tournament starting november 7th.

A fresh todo.txt is written.

TT-Chess aim will now be to update a mySQL database, and then we use PHP to make those cool dynamic html pages. You can see some early developement pages here:

Got 30 downloads as this log says.

This page is public

The first alfa version of TT-Chess is released!

TTChess communicats with a DGT Sensor chessboard, and with goal to manage publication of current chess game live over the Internet. It is written in Java, know to work under GNU/Linux and MS Windows. It is in developement, remember, it is not quite ready for tournaments.

-GNU GPL (Open Source)

Project leader:
-Jonas Forsslund, (remove NOSPAM.)

Download: latest version
-ttchess_20031020.tar.gz first version

-linux.txt install how-to
-windows.txt install how-to
-todo.txt todo (outdated)

-Java (tested with SUN:s JDK or runtime)
-Windows: javacom (
-GNU/Linux: RXTX (rxtx-2.1-6.tar.gz)

-Tomas Andersson
-Jonas Forsslund
-Pierre Ingmansson

-Swedish Chess Federation (Allsvenska KommitÚn) for initiative.
-Kruttornet Chess Club for lending their DGT-board

/Jonas Forsslund
Comp. sci. student at Royal Institute of Tech, Sweden