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Roelof Pieters

More info on my work with DeepDreaming / Visualizing the internal representations of Deep Neural Nets also here

(Disclaimer: This is a personal website. All ramblings are my own :) )

General Information

I'm a PhD student at the Computer Science and Communication department at KTH, as well as working for an exciting data-science consultancy: Graph Technologies

My major fields of interest are Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Distributed Semantics, Data Visualization, Graphs, Machine Translation, Recommender and Search Systems.
My supervisors are Viggo Kann and Jussi Karlgren.



Reading Groups


  • May 2 at KTH | Guest Lecture #2 DD2427 | Multi-Modal Embeddings: from Discriminative to Generative Models and Creative AIslides
  • May 2 at KTH | Guest Lecture #1 DD2427 | Deep learning for natural language embeddingsslides
  • April 26 at KTH | Guest Lecture DD2476 | Multi-modal Retrieval and Generation with Deep Distributed Modelsslides



  • December 4 at KTH | Guest Lecture in course: Language Technology | Deep Learning for NLP: An Introduction to Neural Word Embeddings | slides
  • October 21 at Sics | Deep Learning & NLP: Graphs to the Rescue! | abstract | slides
  • May 14 at KTH | Recommender Systems, Matrices and Graphs | abstract | slides

Investigation of Different Nets and Layers


Painting Experiments

(mainstream news: gizmodo, twitter)

Video Experiments

(mainstream news: wired, businessinsider, gizmodo)

Audio Experiments

Contact information:

Email: roelof [at]
PGP-key: pub (0xB4FDE472)
Phone: +46 76 317 38 48
Post Adress: KTH CSC, 100 44 Stockholm
Visitors Adress: Lindstedtsvägen 5, plan 5, room 4540
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