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Swedish grammar checking and proof-reading

In this project we develop the Swedish grammar checking program Granska.

Web demonstration of Granska

Test the current version of Granska (in Swedish).

Popular description of Granska

There is a popular description in Swedish.

Active participants in the development of Granska 2001-

Participants in the old Granska project, 1998-2000

In the HSFR and NUTEK funded project Integrated language tools for writing and document handling, within the Language technology program the following researchers participated from Nada:

Milestones and deliverables

We have a description of 6-monthly milestones and deliverables for the old project.


We use a modified version of the tag set from SUC


Some interesting links

Publications in English

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Word format.
Implementing an efficient part-of-speech tagger
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Preliminary version in Postscript. PDF.
Some applications of a statistical tagger for Swedish
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Postscript, PDF.
Implementation aspects and applications of a spelling correction algorithm.
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Postscript, PDF.

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