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Formal Methods, form09

Latest News

  • If you haven't already done this in class, please print and fill in the following anonymous course evaluation sheet and put it in my mailbox.
  • The fourth assignment has been published (see assignments page).
  • The second lab assignment has been published (see labs page).
  • Here is the schedule and a course outline.

Course Structure

The course consists of lectures, exercise sessions, labs, and a final exam. For formal reasons, the teaching is divided into lectures (F) and tutorials (Ö), but in fact there will be some kind of "lektionsundervisning", where theory and examples are mixed. Labs are to be done on whatever computer facilities you have available whether personal, at Campus, or at Forum. The only scheduled slots are to get your labs accepted. Make sure you start the labs as early as possible - in most cases not much prior knowledge is required to get started, and you'll want installation troubles and so forth out of the way well before the lab is due. Also the schedule is tight, and you will find it hard going to catch up once you're behind.

The following course outline that will describe the material already covered, with suggested reading and exercises.


Three labs (3 credits total), final exam (5 hours, 4.5 credits). The final grade (A-F) is determined by the grade of the final exam.

Resits (sv. omtentor) are by mutual arrangement with the course leader.

Earlier examinations

Course Board (sv. Kursnämnd)

A course board is a formal way for students to influence the content and form of the education. It is formed at the beginning of the course.

Course Evaluation and Analysis

A course evaluation is performed after the course to give input for improvements for later versions of the course. Here is the latest course analysis (in Swedish).

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