Scientific Programming is a programming course that started September 2008. It is worth 7.5 credits, given in the first quester (LP1) and is tailored for the Systems, Control and Robotics program. The aim is to ensure that everyone can use MATLAB, which will be used in many advanced courses, as well as program in C/C++.

The course consists of 16 lectures and 3 individual projects. The idea is that the lectures and the voluntary lab sessions will introduce the tools necessary to solve the projects. The three projects each cover one part of the course, MATLAB, C and C++.

The course will start with MATLAB as it is needed in other courses, move on to C and finish with C++. The aim is not to make programming wizards out of everyone, but rather make sure that everyone masters MATLAB and has basic knowledge in C/C++. Most people will already have some or even plenty of programming experience and for these students the course will primarily act as a "brush up" on programming.

The examination of this course is through projects that should be solved individually the grade is either Pass or Fail.

News and Announcements


  • The deadlines for the projects have now been announced

  • Matlab Help Session 9th of September 10-12 Room 304 CVAP

  • C Help Session 4th of October 15-17 Room 304 CVAP

  • C++ Help Session (11th of October 10-12 L21)

  • The slides for the Matlab lectures are now online

  • Out of mistake there was a note in lecture 12 about a Matlab project review today. This is not the case, so you can just ignore this.

  • The C++ Help Session will take place at the time originally planned as the last lecture on the 11th of October.

  • The FINAL deadline for submitting anything to this years course will be on the 3rd of November

  • I will have office hours between 11-13 on Thursday for people who need last minute help with the C project.

  • Someone forgot a pair of glasses in room D34 after the lecture on Monday, if they are yours you can pick them up from me.