Embodied Cognition course

Assignment: An Inter-Disciplinary Research Proposal

Aim of assignment

The aim of this assignment is to write an inter-disciplinary research proposal in the field of embodied cognition. The proposal is to be written by two persons (see couples )and should combine the research fields of both. The purpose of the assignment is to place your research in a broader perspective, to think about multi-disciplinary collaborations, and to exercise writing a research proposal.


The proposal should be maximally four pages long (about 1,500 - 2,500 words). It should incorporated the following aspects:
  1. Title of the project and names of the authors.
  2. An introduction describing the subject, the aim of the proposed research, and the research method. The innovative aspects of the proposed research should become clear.
  3. An overview of the current state of knowledge in both research fields, relevant for the propose project.
  4. A description of the proposed research and how it advances the state of the art. Describe the methods, experimental setup, and expected results.
  5. List of references.


The deadline for the proposal is Friday, July 22, 2011.

The proposal can be send by email to: kootstra (at the server) kth.se.

We aim to review the proposal and give feedback within two weeks. When the proposal is not of sufficient quality, there is a possibility toresubmit the proposal.


The couples can be found here.