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I am now working at NASA/ JPL - the Computer Vision Group. At JPL my main area is robust 3D perception for mapping and manipulation. I am part of various robotics projects such as DARPA Robotics Challenge, ARM Challenge, and many others.

You may still visit this website to browse my PhD projects

What are the spatial representations, computer vision algorithms, and object search strategies needed to visually localize objects in large environments?

In this regard, I have come up with four main contributions that each spawned a project on its own:

Learning 3D context of everyday objects from Kinect images
What can we learn from 38,000 rooms?
Active visual search in Unexplored Large Environments
Kinect@Home: Crowdsourcing in the wild Kinect images
a Kinect@Home 3D model!
Research Interests
  • Active Visual Search
  • Semantic Mapping
  • Machine Learning