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(as all academics I keep the web design and photo from the time I actually had hair and phones where dumb)
Jonas Forsslund, PhD, MSc.
PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (2016) MSc. Computer Science and Engineering (2008) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

2011-2013: Visiting researcher at Stanford Surgical Simulation Lab, Stanford, California, USA

I'm also the founder of Forsslund Systems AB open-source based surgery simulation startup.

E-mail: jofo02(at)

Publications and conferences

Some stuff I made
Find out more about my previous projects in my portfolio (PDF)

Collision and deformation of surgical plates (PDF), course project for CS277.

Kobra simulator from Jonas Forsslund on Vimeo.

Exploring liver CT images from Jonas Forsslund on Vimeo.

Sub-1000 euro co-located visuohaptic display

First full working version of oral surgery simulator (box made in my parents garage)

Chess bot High School final project (2002). Together with a electronic chess board a user can play against an opponent over FICS and the robot moves the opponent's pieces. Built with Lego Mindstorms 1.0. Full building instructions. Source code in report (swedish comments). If you end up building this, let me know!


Teaching (old)
Free and Open Source Software projects
Student writings
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