November 22, 2004.
DKE3 added to the DKE web page.
August 18, 2004.
Downloads, instructions in Swedish and information on a recent research article added to the DKE web page.
December 23, 2003.
Information added about DKE, a development of GECCO for use within research at the Swedish National Defence College. A movie along with several screenshots are available.
November 13, 2001.
Presentation held at the I International Workshop on Cognitive Research With Microworlds in Granada, Spain.
September 20, 2001
GECCO was demonstrated for Dr. Gary E. Horne, US Marine Corps Combat Development Command and Dr. Henrik Friman, Swedish National Defence College.
August 31, 2001
Finally GECCO 1.0 is released. It is available from the download section.
July 24, 2001
Two new screen shots were added to the Screenshots page.
July 2, 2001
GECCO 1.0beta was released today; you can find it at the download page. It was released because it is functional enough for interested people to play with. It's labeled "beta" because it's not quite finished yet -- some help files and such are still missing. Hopefully, version 1.0 will be ready real soon.
July 2, 2001
The new GECCO home page is up. This reflects the end of GECCO the student project, and the birth of GECCO the research project. Most of the content was copied from the old web page, but the design was changed to match the rest of NADA's pages.
May 30, 2001
Soon to be official: GECCO was chosen by the course leaders to be one of the three best projects.
May 7, 2001
A screenshot of a new scenario can be found on the screenshots page. The scenario is taken from D Day, World War II. Final presentation is tomorrow. Hopefully everything will go our way.
May 4, 2001
Added PDF-versions of the documentation. The preview presentation went well. We also handed in the documentation.
May 4, 2001
Added HTML-version of the documentation made in Latex2HTML. Now we just have to run a script to update the documentation without editing the home page itself. The not yet ready documentation can be found on the documentation page.
May 3, 2001
We will give a demonstration of the game at the preview seminar tomorrow. A new scenario has been added since last time. It is a rescue mission and takes place in a possible future when the Íresund bridge, connecting Denmark and Sweden, collapses. Pictures can be found on the screenshots page.
April 26, 2001
The game is looking better each day. Added some more screenshots to the screenshots page. I think we are in the final test stage. We don't plan to implement any more features, just fix every bug as we find them and perhaps build more scenarios.
April 19, 2001
Finally built the home page. If you think you recognize the design, you have probably visited the home page of JED, from which the original design is stolen.

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