School of
Computer Science
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Current students: Former students:
  • Martina Zambelli (2013): Posture regulation for unicycle-like robots with prescribed performance guarantees, KTH.
  • Dinsefa Mohammed Mustefa (2012): Dual Arm Robot Control based on Navigation Function with Prescribed Performance Guarantees,. KTH.(Co-supervisor: Dimos Dimarogonas)
  • Erasmia-Evaggelia Tiniou: Diploma Thesis, co-supervised with Zoe Doulgeri.
  • Antonia Tzemanaki: Diploma Thesis, co-supervised with Zoe Doulgeri.
  • Wassim Hreiz: Diploma Thesis, co-supervised with Zoe Doulgeri.
I am involved as a Lecturer in DD2380 Artificial Intelligence course of CSC/KTH. My lectures includes Probabilistic Reasoning, Bayesian Networks, Hidden-Markov Models (HMMs), Utility Theory, Markov Decision Processess (MDPs) and Partially Observable MDPs.

I have previously (Oct 2010-Feb 2011) been a part-time Lecturer in Technical Institute of Thessaloniki for Control Systems I, II lab courses.

I have previously (2005-2009) been a TA in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for:
  • Robotics: Robot Kinematics, Dynamics and Control
  • Control Systems III(previous course name Control Systems II): Nonlinear control systems and adaptive control

  • My TA duties was:
  • Teaching of tutorials (2 hours/week)
  • Preparation and the evaluation of the student course projects for the course: Control Systems III.
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