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Westerlund, Bo
Design Space Exploration
co-operative creation of proposals for desired interactions with future artefacts
PDF [1 137 kb]

Elenius, Måns
Computer Simulations of Simple Liquids with Tetrahedral Local Order
the Supercooled Liquid, Solids and Phase Transitions
PDF [1 182 kb]

Tofigh, Ali
Using Trees to Capture Reticulate Evolution
Lateral Gene Transfers and Cancer Progression
PDF [1 496 kb]

Hjort, Johannes
Computational Modelling of Neuronal Interactions in the Striatum
PDF [12 821 kb]

Djurfeldt, Mikael
Large-scale Simulation of Neuronal Systems
PDF [8 028 kb]

Rosell, Magnus
Text Clustering Exploration
Swedish Text Representation and Clustering Results Unraveled
PDF [2 418 kb]

Kupiainen, Marco
Compressible Turbulent Flows: LES and Embedded Boundary Methods
PDF [3 906 kb]

Lamarche, Anick
Putting the Singing Voice on the Map
Towards Improving the Quantitative Evaluation of Voice Status in Professional Female Singers
PDF [8 430 kb]

Green, Anders
Designing and Evaluating Human-Robot Communication
Informing Design through Analysis of User Interaction
PDF [14 971 kb]

Ahsant, Mehran
On-demand Restricted Delegation
A Framework for Dynamic, Context-Aware, Least-Privilege Delegation in Grids
PDF [2 729 kb]

Schoonderwaldt, Erwin
Mechanics and acoustics of violin bowing: Freedom, constraints and control in performance
PDF [2 317 kb]

Rossitto, Chiara
Managing Work at Several Places: Understanding Nomadic Practices in Student Groups
PDF [16 114 kb]



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