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Last change: December 17, 2001

Brynielsson Reunion 2001


August 3-5, 2001, 125(?) members of the Brynielsson family gathered in Borgholm in order to meet and find out more about our roots. On this page we have started to collect things from the Reunion. A lot is, as you can see, still missing so make sure to come back here again.


A summary from the Reunion 2001 with information on what happened will be written by the organizers.


Ölandsbladet is the biggest newspaper on the island of Öland. Tuesday 7th August 2001 Ölandsbladet published a nice half page article from the Brynielsson Reunion 2001 on page two. The article is written by Gudrun Carlsson. With permission from Ölandsbladet we are proud to be able to publish the article here at the Brynielsson homepage.

Online version of the article (in Swedish).
Paper version of a small part of the original article (in Swedish).
Group picture (photo taken by Magnus Brynielsson (#1474).


Photos from the Reunion are now up online. Later on we will add thumbnails and comments.

Please contact us in order to contribute with your own photos!

Folder documents

A folder with family related documents as well as Reunion-specific documents was handed out to all participants. Some of these documents are available online in, sometimes, different format (PDF-documents are well suited for paper printing while the Gallery files are well suited for online viewing).

Reunion 2001 Program.program.pdf
List of participants. English or Swedish version.participants.pdf
Print-out containing all family members in the database. English or Swedish version.Not available.
Brynielsson Genealogy Project, by Joel Brynielsson (#16121).genealogy_project_web.pdf
Gallery document
The Story, by Eric Brynielsson (#161). Copy of original document from 1977.Gallery document
Rewritten letters and documents from Anders (#1), Anna Kristina (#1A) and all their children (#11-#18). #12 and #13 writes in English. The rest is written in Swedish. Everything is rewritten "as is", i.e., using the original vocabulary and style.letters.pdf
A print-out from the online Internet form that is used to maintain the Brynielsson database. 20 people took the oppurtunity to update their information using this form.form.pdf

We still have som folders left that we will be happy to send to anyone who is interested. Please e-mail Joel if you are interested.

Old files

2001 letter #3
2001 letter #2
2001 letter #1
2000 letter
1998 letter

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