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CrossCheck - a grammar checker for second language writers of Swedish

In this research project we developed CrossCheck, a grammar checking system especially developed for second language learners of Swedish.

The project was a cooperation between KTH Nada and the department of linguistics at Stockholm University. It was funded 2001-2004 by Vinnova within the language technology programme, and also by KTH.

Short description of the project

The use of language technology in systems for learning Swedish has been nearly nonexistent. CrossCheck will become a Swedish grammar checker for second language learners. We will use our grammar checker Granska and its part-of-speech tagger and rule language as starting point for our work. We will develop an error typology for second language Swedish and construct grammar checking rules according to the typology. We will try to catch errors that cannot be found by such rules by a probabilistic method using statistics on occurrences of different constructions in Swedish.

In order to be able to construct the error typology, train the probabilistic grammar checker and evaluate the quality of the checking we will need two types of corpora: a corpus of second language Swedish and a large corpus of correct Swedish. We will make a large effort to construct these corpora and then make them available for other researchers.


Language tools for downloading

In the project several language technology tools have been developed. They are available as source code here.

Reports in English

Project documentation in English

The Granska project

CrossCheck built on the former project Integrated language tools for writing and document handling.


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