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Austrin, Per
Conditional Inapproximability and Limited Independence
PDF [1126 kb]

Demoucron, Matthias
On the control of virtual violins
Physical modelling and control of bowed string instruments
PDF [14517 kb]

Mejtoft, Thomas
Institutional Arrangements and Competitive Posture: Effects of Company Structures in the Commercial Printing Industry
PDF [1443 kb]

Carlsson, Jesper
Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations in Optimal Design
PDF [5123 kb]

Swartling, Anna
The good person in information systems development: A reflexive investigation of HCI in the acquisition process
PDF [1169 kb]

Aktug, Irem
Algorithmic Verification Techniques for Mobile Code
PDF [1407 kb]

Topp, Elin Anna
Human-Robot Interaction and Mapping with a Service Robot: Human Augmented Mapping
PDF [2207 kb]

Gillblad, Daniel
On practical machine learning and data analysis
PDF [2168 kb]

Winberg, Fredrik
Contextualizing Accessibility: Interaction for Blind Computer Users
PDF [1949 kb]

Åkerborg, Örjan
Taking advantage of phylogenetic trees in comparative genomics
PDF [728 kb]

Motamed, Mohammad
Topics in Analysis and Computation of Linear Wave Propagation[
PDF [5702 kb]

Paulsson, Fredrik
Modularization of the Learning Architecture: Supporting Learning Theories by Learning Technologies
PDF [3135 kb]

Nordström, Jakob
Short Proofs May Be Spacious: Understanding Space in Resolution
PDF [2428 kb]

Edin, Fredrik
Neural Mechanisms Determining the Performance on Visuospatial Working Memory Tasks
Biophysical Modeling, Functional MR Imaging and EEG
PDF [3978 kb]

Glimming, Johan
Primitive Direcursion and Difunctorial Semantics of Typed Object Calculus
PDF [1379 kb]



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